Mauvesoft is a collection of open-source programming projects and ideas from the mind of Daniel Pope.

Pyweek 10

11:22 a.m. 6th April 2010

Last week I competed in PyWeek, a week-long Python games programming contest. My entry is Bamboo Warrior, a Pyglet-based platform fighting game, in which you, as a samurai, fight an army of ninjas, sometimes up bamboo trees.

Running into an Easter weekend meant I had the Good Friday bank holiday free to work on the game, and on the whole I'm very pleased with how it worked out, though I didn't have time to do more than a handful of my ideas as I worked on producing a game of the highest quality I could.

Windows Installer for Robots

9:56 p.m. 20th October 2009

I've created a standalone Windows installer for Robots so that people without Python and pygame installed can try out where I've got to so far.

The "compilation" is done by py2exe, a brilliant tool that with relative simplicity turns Python code into a standalone Windows executable.

The installer was created with NSIS, which is a tool for creating Windows installers in the most masochistic way possible.

Robots 0.5.0

11:28 p.m. 19th October 2009

I have uploaded a new version of Robots having not worked on anything much over the summer months. It's difficult to find time in the summer to program when there are exciting things like sailing and swimming to do.

At this point, with all the basics done, it seems like the next step would be to construct some kind of game out of it. I want to add some additional robots, tiles and objects, but if you're the kind of person who can imaginatively create puzzle levels and are happy tinkering in XML or knocking up an editor, you might be able to have a go at this right away.


1:11 a.m. 29th January 2009

I was aware when I added the commenting that it was going to be spammed to hell. It's Django's built-in comments app and its anti-spam measures are primitive.

I'll add a captcha or something when I get a chance.


10:22 p.m. 25th January 2009

Having not updated Mauvesoft for at least 5 years I thought it was time I overhauled it. Mauvesoft was originally designed to be a showcase and hub for my software projects, and in that vein it continues.

This incarnation has been written using the Django web application framework, which is what I'm favouring at the moment for nearly all non-trivial web programming projects. Even then, progress has been slow. The graphic design for this version of this website was done in April 2005. The port of Mauvesoft to Django was done in July 2007.

There are a few more features I'm intending to add to this site, but Internet Explorer support is not one of them. Chasing and working around bugs in a web browser that poor is my job, not my hobby. To Internet Explorer users, I recommend Google Chrome.